1.     Purpose of the competition

MusiKras summer band camp unites talented musicians aged 7 to 15 years. During the traditional gathering, the organizers have noticed a lack of repertoire suitable for novices in bands. Therefore, the wind bands, together with the municipalities of the Karst and Brkini regions, decided to organize an international competition for original compositions of levels 1 in 2 to enable young musicians to play and perform piece of reasonable difficulty.

2.     Participation

Composers and music enthusiast can register with no limits of age or nationality. The participants can enter the competition separately with various pieces in different categories. Only unedited pieces yet to be performed in public and not entered in any other competition are eligible.

3.     Competition categories

The competition is divided into the following categories:

A: original compositions with level of difficulty 1 (duration of maximum 4 minutes or approximately 6:30 minutes if consisting of several movements)

b: original compositions with level of difficulty 2 (duration of maximum 6:30 minutes or approximately 9:00 minutes if consisting of several movements)

4.     Technical requirements

The competition is open to all music genres and styles. The compositions must meet the requirements from Annexes thereto.

Should the composition fail to meet one of the requirements, it will be deemed ineligible to compete.

5.     Deadline for submission

The pieces can be submitted from 1 December 2023 to 31 May 2024. Within this period, composers and music enthusiast are welcome to submit the registration form and their compositions with the application form published on the MusiKras website

The registration form for each composition is deemed valid when all the data required, the score in PDF and the MP3 or MIDI audio track is submitted, complete with the confirmation of payment of €50.00 of registration fee to the bank account below. For any additional composition submitted by the same author the registration fee of €30.00 shall apply.

Transaction details

Pihalni orkester Komen

Komen 118

6223 Komen


Bank account number: SI10100-0038608711 (opened at Banka Intesa Sanpaolo)


Reference: 2024


The jury shall accept only the pieces submitted by 11:59 PM on 31 May 2024.

6.     Jury and prizes

The compositions shall be evaluated by an international panel of experts (Lorenzo Pusceddu, Mirko Orlač, Matteo Firmi), whose judgement shall be deemed final and indisputable. Each participant shall receive a general comment to their submitted piece. The results of the competition are expected to be published in July 2024. The participant shall be informed about the results by e-mail.

The competition’s gross prize money is as follows:

–       €1000 for the best composition in category A

–       €1000 for the best composition in category B

Moreover, the winning pieces of each category shall be self-published by MusiKras. They shall be also included in the repertoire of the MusiKras 2024 summer band camp during which they will be performed and recorded.

The winning composer of each category shall be asked to provide the sheets for each instrument within 15 days from the notice.

7.     Publishing

By registering to the competition, the composer agrees not to enter any other original composition competition with the same piece until 1 September 2024.

The selected compositions shall be self-published by MusiKras. By entering the competition, the composer agrees to the Terms and Conditions of self-publishing set by MusiKras.

MusiKras reserves the right to publish also any other composition of the competition at its sole discretion, and to propose the pieces to other editors and operators of the sector. The conditions apply for these pieces as well.

8.     Terms of participation

By submitting the registration form, the participant agrees to the regulation, the data processing and the conditions of the competition.

9.     Miscellaneous

The organizers reserve the right to modify the conditions to the competition. Any change shall be published on the MusiKras website.

Any queries may be addressed to

Organizers: MusiKras, Pihalni orkester Komen, Brkinska godba 2000 and Kraška pihalna godba Sežana with the support of the municipalities of Komen, Hrpelje – Kozina and Sežana